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Kristine De Jesus, Psy.D.

Consultant, Coach, Social Justice Advocate, Recovery Ally and Writer.  Dedicated to making the world a more just and welcoming place for all that inhabit it.


Kristine De Jesus

Kristine is a consultant, coach, advocate, and author.  She specializes in working with people to use their experiences to create change and live a life of purpose. Kristine is outspoken, social justice advocate and is passionate about supporting people who are members of marginalized populations find their voice to create change. 


Life Coaching provides a space to learn new skills, explore values, and find support with a professional who understands the complexities of life.  Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to reflect on your strengths, clarify desires, define goals, create an action plan to work towards accomplishing your goals.


Recovery Coaching  provides a supportive environment (post-treatment) to learn how to create a healthy, productive,  meaningful personal and professional life in recovery. Using a holistic approach coach and client create a customized plan to have a successful and fulfilling life in long-term recovery.  


Executive Diversity and Inclusion Coaching is intended  to help top tier executives begin to understand the complexities of cultivating equity, diversity, and inclusion 

within organizations. Executive

Coaching assists executives in gaining the knowledge base necessary to developing truly inclusive organizations.

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